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Diving Conditions | 19-25 February 2006

More Leopards Sharks everywhere. Pretty much a guarantee when you come diving now. Large Black Ray was seen on Sunday, trailed by Cobias. A white-spotted Eagleray was seen feeding and digging for food in the sand using its “duck-bill”. Only a few spots on the wing tips were visible. Trevally hunting, octopus, wobbegongs, some more Numb [...]

Diving Conditions | 12-18 February 2006

Yes, yes, yes. The Manta Rays were there again. People who didn’t get to see one were very disappointed. Some of the Mantas had Cobias with them. The beautiful Leopard Sharks are still there and the divers and snorkellers had plenty of opportunities to get up and close to them. Cownose rays in smallish schools, White-spotted [...]

Diving Conditions| 5-11 February 2006

Some more Manta action in the Nursery. Leopard Sharks everywhere either just lying in the sand or swimming around checking out the divers. Lots and lots of juvenile crinoids (featherstars) were found at Split Bommie on Monday. They were just holding on to the seaweed. Pineapplefish, octopus, wobbegong sharks, Blue Gropers, White-spotted Eaglerays. Sawtails, schools of Pomfreds [...]

Diving Conditions | 29 January-4 February 2006

A couple of Manta Rays were sighted at the Nursery, which some lucky divers and snorkellers got to see. Plenty of Leopard Shark action too. Some of the animals get quite cheeky and check out the divers as much as the divers check out them. One of the girls looked hunched (a Leopard Shark girl [...]

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