Diving Conditions | 12-18 February 2006

Yes, yes, yes. The Manta Rays were there again. People who didn’t get to see one were very disappointed. Some of the Mantas had Cobias with them. The beautiful Leopard Sharks are still there and the divers and snorkellers had plenty of opportunities to get up and close to them. Cownose rays in smallish schools, White-spotted Eaglerays, wobbegongs, lots of turtles, including a very small one. Jewfish and Kingfish hanging out in front of the Cod Hole.

The rain from last week cleared and there was a lot of sun. High humidity all week. Northerly breeze later in the week.
Nice and calm.
Water temperature
24 – 25°C
Wonderful visibility all week: 15 – 20 meters.

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