Diving Conditions | 19-25 February 2006

More Leopards Sharks everywhere. Pretty much a guarantee when you come diving now. Large Black Ray was seen on Sunday, trailed by Cobias.

A white-spotted Eagleray was seen feeding and digging for food in the sand using its “duck-bill”. Only a few spots on the wing tips were visible.

Trevally hunting, octopus, wobbegongs, some more Numb Rays swimming about, friendly turtles, male Blue Gropers, barracudas, Jewfish and Yellow-tail Kingfish too, Dusky Butterflyfish, gotatfish, Morish Idol, Blue-spotted Stingrays, Flutemouths, Egg Cowrie, Stripeys, pomfreds, bullseye….sigh….wish I was out there right now!

Mainly sunny, sometimes a bit overcast. It rained pretty much every night and on a few days a bit in the mornings. Northerly breeze that turned southerly and increased in strength as the week progressed.
Bit choppy at first. Big southerly swell came in on Thursday and increased.
Water temperature
25 – 26°C
Great visibility: 20 meters

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