Diving Conditions| 5-11 February 2006

Some more Manta action in the Nursery.

Leopard Sharks everywhere either just lying in the sand or swimming around checking out the divers.

Lots and lots of juvenile crinoids (featherstars) were found at Split Bommie on Monday. They were just holding on to the seaweed.

Pineapplefish, octopus, wobbegong sharks, Blue Gropers, White-spotted Eaglerays. Sawtails, schools of Pomfreds and Bullseyes, turtles, jewfish, kingfish. Something for everyone.

Hot and sweaty weather. Clouds moved in on Monday. Some showers at night and Saturday was a bit damp.
A bit rough at the beginning of the week, but that settled and the bay was nice and calm for the remainder
Water temperature
25 – 27°C
Great visibility still on Sunday, but on Monday a dirty current brought in some greener water. By Thursday the visibility started to improve again and on Friday and Saturday it was back at 20 meters.

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