Diving Conditions | 29 January-4 February 2006

A couple of Manta Rays were sighted at the Nursery, which some lucky divers and snorkellers got to see. Plenty of Leopard Shark action too. Some of the animals get quite cheeky and check out the divers as much as the divers check out them. One of the girls looked hunched (a Leopard Shark girl that is).

The Blue-spotted Stingrays are still around too. On most dives shy Eaglerays were spotted. Batfish, goatfish, Leatherjackets, Bullseyes, Eastern Pomfreds, Clown Triggerfish, Butterflyfish……aaaah….life is good!

Fantastic summer weather with hardly any wind. Sometimes in the afternoon a cooling E/SE breeze. Nights were generally cool with some rain to settle the dust.
Calm seas. Some currents around Julian Rocks. Regular swell. Good surf on Saturday
Water temperature
27°C!! Yippie!
Fantastic visibility: 20 – 25 meters. Yippie again!

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