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Diving Conditions | 21-27 December 2003

A manta ray was sighted at Julian Rocks! Very exciting, but unfortunately not everybody was that lucky. Large bull rays swimming around and the blue spotted stingrays are just going off. Different hawksbill turtles were seen as well. Fish goes crazy this silly season No further Leopard sharks have been sighted. Hope everybody had a great Christmas [...]

Diving Conditions | 14-20 December 2003

Grey Nurse sharks are still there and the first Leopard Sharks have also been sighted. Unfortunately no shot of the two together (yet). Anemone fish have started laying their eggs and can be seen fussing over them; blowing water over the surface to provide them with oxygen-rich water. See photo on the left. Just have [...]

Diving Conditions | 7-13 December 2003

The water is still cool enough for the Grey Nurse Sharks. They just don’t want to leave. And that is good! Some Blue barred Parrotfish, lots of lion fish, crayfish, octopus and plenty of large (and I mean huge) wobbegongs, turtles and rays. Weather The week started off cloudy, but warm. Slowly it got hotter and more [...]

Diving Conditions | 30 November-6 December 2003

Some of us were lucky enough to see the Grey Nurse Sharks that are still hanging out at Julian Rocks. Also large schools of Bream, Trevally and other silvery fish. A juvenile Clown Triggerfish near the Cod Hole, big Brown Sweetlips hanging in theSand Trenches as per usual, plenty of turtles and different species of [...]

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