Diving Conditions | 30 November-6 December 2003

Some of us were lucky enough to see the Grey Nurse Sharks that are still hanging out at Julian Rocks. Also large schools of Bream, Trevally and other silvery fish.

A juvenile Clown Triggerfish near the Cod Hole, big Brown Sweetlips hanging in theSand Trenches as per usual, plenty of turtles and different species of rays. Even some mating Nudibranchs. And have a look on the photo at the left at how close this Bull Ray got to the camera (no zoom!).

The week started off hot and humid, some clouds moved in on Monday, and Tuesday night it started raining. Wind swung around, coming from the south and picking up in strength. Saturday it was pouring all day. Still warm.
The swell picked up and Thursday the Bay was quite rough, still good enough to go out. Some current.
Water temperature
20 – 22°C
Fantastic visibility for the first few days, but dropped a bit to 12 meters on Thursday. It picked up on Saturday morning: 25 meters plus!

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