Diving Conditions | 7-13 December 2003

The water is still cool enough for the Grey Nurse Sharks. They just don’t want to leave. And that is good!

Some Blue barred Parrotfish, lots of lion fish, crayfish, octopus and plenty of large (and I mean huge) wobbegongs, turtles and rays.

The week started off cloudy, but warm. Slowly it got hotter and more humid. Hardly any wind, sometimes a bit of a refreshing breeze. Friday the wind came from the NW and increased in strength at night.Saturday was hot again.
Most of the week the Bay was nice and flat, hardly any swell until Friday when the wind picked up a bit; just some chop. Very strong current on Saturday.
Water temperature
21 – 22°C
Still great visibility on Sunday. Settled at 15 meters for most of the week.

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