Diving Conditions | 21-27 December 2003

A manta ray was sighted at Julian Rocks! Very exciting, but unfortunately not everybody was that lucky.

Large bull rays swimming around and the blue spotted stingrays are just going off. Different hawksbill turtles were seen as well. Fish goes crazy this silly season No further Leopard sharks have been sighted.

Hope everybody had a great Christmas and we at PLANULA are wishing you all a fantastic, healthy and safe 2004 with lots of diving and snorkelling. See you out there

Exceptionally hot weather with a very high humidity. Diving offered the only escape from the heat. Clouds moved in on Friday and the wind picked up a bit, but brought no relief. Northerly turned southerly on Tuesday.
The Bay was rough to very rough until Tuesday afternoon. Messy surf until the winds changed.
Water temperature
19 – 21°C. Dropped down a bit from last week.
Visibility dropped a bit from last week. Still up to 12 meters at places.

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