Diving Conditions | 14-20 December 2003

Grey Nurse sharks are still there and the first Leopard Sharks have also been sighted. Unfortunately no shot of the two together (yet).

Anemone fish have started laying their eggs and can be seen fussing over them; blowing water over the surface to provide them with oxygen-rich water. See photo on the left. Just have a close look at their anemones and you might find the miniscule orange eggs.

A high number of Bull rays are around, as are a lot of blue spotted stingrays. ‘Our’ large loggerhead turtle has been seen swimming around on a few occasions.

Hot weather and high humidity until Tuesday when it started raining. From Wednesday the weather was hot again, but not so humid. The slight southerly breeze turned into a N – NW on Friday and had picked up in strength quite a bit by Saturday afternoon.
Quite calm once more, until Saturday afternoon when it got a bit rougher.
Water temperature
21 – 25°C, yeah!
Good visibility: 15 -20 meters.

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