Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions| 1-7 February 2004

Although there are still no big numbers of Leopard Sharks around there were some to be seen by lucky ones. Where to start? A lot of large Wobbegong Sharks, turtles, Moorish Idols, octopus, Blind Sharks, large jellyfish being eaten by juvenile Green Turtles and Flutemouths, hunting Yellow-tail Kingfish, Tall-fin Batfish , huge Queesnland Groupers in [...]

Diving Conditions| 25-31 January 2004

Still no huge numbers of Leopard Sharks. It is all a bit slow this year. The Grey Nurse Shark does pay the occasional surprise visit. Jewfish, Kingfish, Cray fish (not a fish by the way). Plenty of turtles and Wobbegong Sharks, even sharing quarters (see photo on the left). Weather Thunderstorms late in the afternoons or early [...]

Diving Conditions| 18-24 January 2004

The large groups of Blue Spotted Stingrays were still around. Digging themselves into the sand and piling on top of each other. A Black Cod, which is a protected species due to its serious decline in numbers over the last few years, was hanging out in the Cod Hole. Another Grey Nurse Shark was seen this [...]

Diving Conditions| 4-10 January 2004

A few Leopard sharks showing off. One of them seemed very happy with divers around and did not want to leave. Tens of Blue Spotted stingrays in the Nursery. All lying on top of each other on a sandy patch. A funny looking Eagle ray was seen in the Nursery as well. Its colour pattern [...]

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