Diving Conditions| 18-24 January 2004

The large groups of Blue Spotted Stingrays were still around. Digging themselves into the sand and piling on top of each other.

A Black Cod, which is a protected species due to its serious decline in numbers over the last few years, was hanging out in the Cod Hole.

Another Grey Nurse Shark was seen this week and only the occasional Leopard Shark passed through.

Turtles, Batfish, large Bull Rays and even some mating cuttlefish.

Heavy rain fall at the beginning of the week, but still warm. This improved from Tuesday on and from Thursday the weather was glorious.
A bit choppy.
Water temperature
20 – 24°C. Patches of cooler water here and there.
10 – 12 meters. Some floaty bits.

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