Diving Conditions| 4-10 January 2004

A few Leopard sharks showing off. One of them seemed very happy with divers around and did not want to leave.

Tens of Blue Spotted stingrays in the Nursery. All lying on top of each other on a sandy patch. A funny looking Eagle ray was seen in the Nursery as well. Its colour pattern looked disturbed and it had a large white blotch on its back. Definitely unique. A school of Cownose Rays was sighted on Thursday. Loads of fish, such as bream, different species of goatfish, neon damsels, humbugs, parrot fish, Moorish Idol and the usual array of butterfly fish. Also: plenty of nudibranchs and a baby turtle.

Cloudy and the rain moved in on Wednesday night. Temperatures dropped a bit and the humidity lessened.
At the beginning of the week, the Bay was not choppy. Later on, as the Northerly picked up, the swell increased quite a bit.
Water temperature
20 – 24°C. A high variation as there were some wicked thermoclines around.
10 – 15 meters in general, but Tuesday it was 20 meters at some spots!

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