Diving Conditions| 1-7 February 2004

Although there are still no big numbers of Leopard Sharks around there were some to be seen by lucky ones. Where to start? A lot of large Wobbegong Sharks, turtles, Moorish Idols, octopus, Blind Sharks, large jellyfish being eaten by juvenile Green Turtles and Flutemouths, hunting Yellow-tail Kingfish, Tall-fin Batfish , huge Queesnland Groupers in the Cod Hole and Keyhole Angelfish to name a few. And to top it off some dolphins on the surface!

Mainly sunny, some cloudy days and only a little bit of rain. Cooler S – SE winds.
Pretty calm overall
Water temperature
22 – 24°C
Not much more than 10 meters until Friday when things cleared up. Saturday visibility was around the 20 meters. Still bits and pieces in the water.

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