Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions| 29 August-4 September 2004

The Grey Nurse Sharks did not seem to mind the weather at all. Large kingfish, snapper and jewfish were around. A number of large Loggerhead Turtles were inspecting Hugho’s Trench. On one dive people saw 7 of them. The Humpback Wales are on their way back South and can be heard underwater and seen above the water. Weather Although [...]

Diving Conditions| 22-28 August 2004

More Grey Nurse Sharks swimming around. Blue Groupers, large schools of Schooling Bannerfish and schools of Tall-fin Batfish, big Jewfish around the Cod Hole and some baitfish action. On some days it was hard to find Wobbegong sharks, which is unusual since they are normally very present around Julian Rocks. The Humpback Whales have turned around [...]

Diving Conditions| 15-21 August 2004

Divers saw up to 6 large Grey Nurse Sharks on a single dive. The sharks were ‘patrolling’ the Nursery and the Cod Hole area. Also some large Loggerhead Turtles were showing off. Weather Cold rainy weather to start off with, but that improved significantly on Thursday: more sun and blue skies. The wind settled as well. Sea The Bay [...]

Diving Conditions| 8-14 August 2004

Numbers of Grey Nurse Sharks were a bit lower this week, but they are still there. We also saw Blue Gropers and big and small turtles, several species of butterfly fish, leatherjackets and surgeonfish, wobbegong sharks, bullseyes, anemonefish darting in and out of their anemones. Dive Byron Bay and meet the locals! Weather More sunny weather. Strong, [...]

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