Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions| 26 September-2 October 2004

Hugho’s Trench went off this week with loads of Jewfish, large Black Cod, schools of bullseyes and Bream, plenty of turtles, a whole heap of different species of nudibranchs and Spindle Cowries. The Grey Nurse Sharks are still around too. Weather It started off almost hot and sunny, but on Thursday clouds moved in and brought some [...]

Diving Conditions| 19-25 September 2004

One of the Green Moray Eels must have been hungry and had a go at a small (~70 cm) Ornate Wobbegong Shark. Plenty of beautiful nudbranchs in Hugho’s Trench, including the faboulous Miamira magnifica and an unidentified species (see photo on the left). Can anybody help? It might be a Hypseloidoris sp. A few more Grey [...]

Diving Conditions| 12-18 September 2004

The beautiful Grey Nurse Sharks are still around. A large school of 30 – 50 Cownose Rays was sighted in the Nursery. Other life included a Shovelnose Ray, a large Smooth Stingray, Somber Sweetlips, Moorish Idols, flathead, turtles, Blue Gropers, some Christmas-tree Worms and only low numbers of wobbegongs. Weather Still a lot of sun, but most [...]

Diving Conditions| 5-11 September 2004

Divers still see plenty of Grey Nurse Sharks. A few pelagic fish such as the kingfish, Jewfsh and snapper are around. Shy, big Black Cods hang in and around the Cod Hole. Other life included our playful Blue Gropers, Trumpetfish, large schools of bullseyes, goatfish, Combwrasse, grubfish and several pufferfish. The humpback Whales are on their way [...]

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