Diving Conditions| 22-28 August 2004

More Grey Nurse Sharks swimming around.

Blue Groupers, large schools of Schooling Bannerfish and schools of Tall-fin Batfish, big Jewfish around the Cod Hole and some baitfish action. On some days it was hard to find Wobbegong sharks, which is unusual since they are normally very present around Julian Rocks.

The Humpback Whales have turned around and the first mothers and calves have been sighted.

Again this week more sun and cloudless skies. Temperatures during the day reached the mid-twenties. A thunderstorm on Saturday late afternoon brought some rain.
The Bay was not really rough, but a bit choppy and swelly. Some currents.
Water temperature
19 – 20°C
Great visibility: 15 – 20 meters.

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