Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions| 1-7 August 2004

More Grey Nurse Sharks this week. They just hang out and look extremely relaxed. More Manta Rays, Bullseyes in the Cod Hole, ‘grazing’ goatfish everywhere, pufferfish, moray eels, Blue Gropers, plenty of lovely turtles; the usual suspects, really. Humpback Whales are a rare sight at the moment. Most of them must have made their way [...]

Diving Conditions| 18-24 July 2004

All divers were treated to some more Grey Nurse Sharks.The skinny male one was there as well. His head looks a bit squashed. See photo on the left. A few pelagics such as snapper and kingfish were zooming around. Beautiful schools of Tall-fin Batfish hanging in the blue water. Brown Sweetlips, Stripeys and turtles. Loads of [...]

Diving Conditions| 18-24 July 2004

Again there were lots of Grey Nurse Sharks around Julian Rocks. The skinny, male one is still there. A few people were fortunate to see a couple of Manta Rays. Wobbegongs, turtles, bullseyes, lionfish, Blue Gropers and colourful wrasse. Weather A rainy week with cold southerly winds (SE – SW). The weather cleared on Friday evening. Sea The swell had [...]

Diving Conditions| 11-17 July 2004

Even though they were a little bit harder to see, the Grey Nurse Sharks were still there. Plenty of Wobbegong Sharks and (large) turtles. Large, older Lionfish were hanging out upside down in the Cod Hole. Unfortunately a very young ill Humpback Whale beached itself at Lennox Heads and died. Weather Sunny days, except for Wednesday and Thursday [...]

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