Diving Conditions| 5-11 September 2004

Divers still see plenty of Grey Nurse Sharks. A few pelagic fish such as the kingfish, Jewfsh and snapper are around.

Shy, big Black Cods hang in and around the Cod Hole.

Other life included our playful Blue Gropers, Trumpetfish, large schools of bullseyes, goatfish, Combwrasse, grubfish and several pufferfish.

The humpback Whales are on their way South now and divers hear them under water.

A bit of cooler weather during the week, but that improved on Friday when the sun started shining again. Strong Northerly winds that swang to the South on Thursday.
Very choppy and a big swell from the North. Some dives were cancelled. It was a bit calmer on Friday, but picked up again on Saturday. Some currents.
Water temperature
Most of the week the visibility was 10 – 12 meters. Dropped to 5 meters on Saturday.

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