Diving Conditions| 12-18 September 2004

The beautiful Grey Nurse Sharks are still around.

A large school of 30 – 50 Cownose Rays was sighted in the Nursery. Other life included a Shovelnose Ray, a large Smooth Stingray, Somber Sweetlips, Moorish Idols, flathead, turtles, Blue Gropers, some Christmas-tree Worms and only low numbers of wobbegongs.

Still a lot of sun, but most days there were strong winds blowing, especially in the afternoons. Some mornings were still cool, but generally the nights are getting warmer, so the beanies can go back into storage!
This week some more surge and surface swell. A bit of current at places.
Water temperature
18 – 20°C
2 – 8 meters.

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