Diving Conditions | 5 – 11 March 2006

It looked like there were temporarily less Leopard Shark around; they might not have liked the conditions too much. Therefore there were some large Jewfish at The Codhole, Estuary Cods (including a bleak one), a few moray eels sharing their quarters, Eaglerays and lots of other fish finding plenty of food floating in the somewhat green- tinged waters. A ‘clew’ of brittlestars were found scurrying into a darker place. They had been hiding underneath an overturned table coral.

The rain stopped and winds eased. From Monday we had sunny weather with only a few clouds and no further rain. Nights and mornings are no longer as humid. Southerly breezes (SW/SE).
All diving was cancelled on the Sunday, but the swell came right down and the southerly winds calmed the bay.
Water temperature
25 – 27°C
Visibility started dropping on Tuesday afternoon. On Friday and Saturday: 3 meters!

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