Diving Conditions | 26 February-4 March 2006

The Leopards Sharks were out and about once more with plenty of sightings each dive. They either laze around on the sand or swim past very slowly… Some divers got to see a couple of Guitarfish on Monday. Some Dusky Butterflyfish were fluttering about. Yellow-tail Kingfish and Jewfish hanging out at the Cod Hole.

And of course there were the usual suspects such as the turtles, Blue Gropers (inlcuding Monty!!), Bullseyes, Black-spot Goatfish, Stripeys, Neon Damsels and different species of pufferfish.

Although the beginning of the week was still a bit sunny, the rain settled in and there were heavy showers at night and later on also during the day. Strong S/SE winds started blowing on Friday with gusts of 50 knots.
Big swell arrived on Monday and increased as the week went on. Friday and Saturday the surf was HUGE and only the very experienced surfers had a go. Some diving cancelled on Thursday. All diving cancelled on Friday and Saturday.
Water temperature
25 – 26°C
Great visibility: 20 meters


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