Diving Conditions | 22-28 January 2006

There were so many Blue-spotted Stingrays around. Either swimming or burried in the sand with just their eyes poking out. The Leopard Sharks were there as well with up to 9 indiviudals seen on a single dive. They did not seem to be bothered by divers at all and circled around and around with remoras attached to them. Mainly girls. A few bullrays, lots of fish including a large parrotfish, Sawtails, leatherjackets, many, many bullseyes, Tall-fin Batfish and goatfish everywhere. A poor Yellowtail Kingfish was seen with a very long fishing line through its mouth, out its gills with the lead and hook still attached

Turtles were out too as were the Eaglerays (one with a trailing Cobia) and some Cownose rays were spotted from the surface.

Sunny and a little bit humid. Real holiday weather! Cool E/SE breezes.
Calm seas with a bit of a swell from Wednesday on.
Water temperature
23 – 25°C. Those thermoclines are still around.
Initially quite low (5 – 7 meters and green), but this cleared up overnight on Thursday: 20 meters plus and clear!

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