Diving Conditions | 20-26 November 2005

Plenty of turtles around at the moment. Especially people swimming and kayaking ( ie on the surface) noticed them. There are still a whole lot of Wobbegongs around too. Flathead, different species of pufferfish, large Bullrays and crayfish, Somber Sweetlips, a juvenile Reindeer Wrasse, lionfish, and a beautiful smallish moray eel (Gymnothorax criboris) were spotted. Hundreds of bullsseyes were hanging out at the Cod Hole. Even though the Grey Nurse Shark season officially runs from May until the end of October the Grey Nurses are still plentiful around Julian Rocks (just like previous years by the way).

Quite a bit of rain this week, except for Saturday when it turned sunny and hot. Temperatures were still high, which made everything nice and steamy.
The Bay was nice and calm all week.
Water temperature
Pretty nice with 10 – 15 meters.

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