Diving Conditions | 13-19 November 2005

Despite some less idyllic conditions on Thursday and Friday, the marine life came out to play. More Grey Nurse Sharks and even the younger males seem to get friendly and cruise past divers that had a look a them. Rumours of of a Grey Nurse Shark pup sightings are doing the rounds.

Some large Bull Rays at Hugo’s Trench. Good time of year if you’d like to see those magnificent and huge rays. Schools of big Kingfish and large Jewfish were hanging out too. Lots and lots of Wobbegongs, more so than ususal.

Different species of nudibranchs are out and about and hangout in little groups. The Spanish Dancers that have been seen around the place have not sat still either: see photo on the left for one of their egg ribbons.

Saturday after the dirty water cleaned up there were heaps of fish out: damsels, parrotfish, stripeys, mados, goatfish, butterflyfish (including some Threadfin Butterflyfish), trevally (Big-eye and Blue-fin), bream, different species of pufferfish, Blue Gropers and other wrasse.

A bit of rain, mainly at night. Still plenty of sunny periods. Thursday was a bit cool. The southerly winds changed into very strong northerlies onTuesday afternoon. Friday the wind turned southerly again.
Those windscoming in on Tuesday roughed up the bay a bit. Thursday all diving was cancelled and waves were pounding on Julian Rocks. Friday afternoon things had calmed down significantly.
Water temperature
22 – 24°C, some thermoclines.
8 – 10 meters most of the week, except for Friday when we had a dip of 2 meters with lots of green. All cleaned up by Saturday: 10 meters.

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