Diving Conditions | 27 November-3 December 2005

A Manta Ray was sighted at Julian Rocks on Thursday morning. What a treat. Still plenty of Grey Nurse Sharks around, which is great.

Other life included big Bullrays, lots of lionfish, wobbegongs, Barred Soapfish, Old Wifes, schools of bullseyes and plenty of turtles. Fusiliers were spotted being cleaned (see photo on left).

Sunny periods with rain mainly in the afternoons and nights. Strong winds all week: southerly turning northerly later in the week. Saturday was nice and summery with a strong westerly breeze.
Pretty calm until Thursday when a big swell came in. Settled a bit on Saturday.
Water temperature
t the beginning of the week it was 15 meters, but that increased to 20 meters. At Spot-X: 25 meters!

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