Diving Conditions | 6-12 November 2005

Wow, what a week. Barely know where to start. The Grey Nurse Sharks seemed not bothered by divers at all. One cheeky female checked out several people and came really close. Grey Nurse Sharks were hanging out at Hugo’s Trench too in groups of up to 7 individuals. Lots of different nudibranchs out and about, including some large Spanish Dancers. Egg ribbons of the Spanish Dancers could be found all around Julian Rocks. Of course heaps of Wobbegongs, but this week they seem to be very active and swim their laps. Large Loggerhead Turtle, super friendly Blue Gropers (see photo of one-finned Blue Groper Monty on the left), a huge Porcupine fish, different species of shrimp, goatfish, schools of Yellowtail Kingfish and Jewfish, sweetlips, a Pineapplefish and so much more.

Generally sunny and warm during the day. Only Tuesday was a bit rainy in the morning. Nights were cool. Strong NE/NW winds on Tuesday still Thursday.
Calm at first, but the chop picked up from Tuesday. Calmed down again on Friday late afternoon after the wind swung to the South.
Water temperature
22 – 24°C, and a few cooler patches.
10 – 20 meters. Thursday the visibility was at its best.

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