Diving Conditions | 30 October-5 November 2005

The marine life seems to like lower visibility, because they came all out to play.

Grey Nurse Sharks were everywhere. Some really large girls and a young male that had some serious bite marks on its side. Big, old Loggerhead turtle, large Groupers. Highlights must have been the large Shovelnose Ray and a SUNFISH (Mola mola). How good is that?

Number of Humpback Whales are getting less, but there are stil a few on their (hopefully merry) way South.

The skies at the beginning of the week were a bit overcast and there were some short showers, but that improved quickly. Northerly winds that picked up in the afternoons.
Again, a bit rough. Some of the diving was cancelled.
Water temperature
Visibility kept dropping during the week: 1 – 5 meters!!

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