Diving Conditions| 27 June-3 July 2004

You would think we are sick of Grey Nurse Sharks by now….but we are not!! Everybody is absolutely loving them. Book your diving now if you want to swim with them. Almost guaranteed sightings every day.

Not that the rest of the marine life is not putting on a show. Plenty of turtles, goatfish, large Kingfish, Wobbegongs everywhere, Black Cod in the Cod Hole and many, many bullseyes.

Those beautiful Humback Whales are still passing through. All day, every day they are swimming past the Cape Headland and coming in very close to shore.

Another sunny week. The temperatures during the day were mid-twenties, at night quite a bit lower. Hardly any wind. Full moon on Friday.
Very flat. On some evenings reflections of Byron Bay could be seen in the water.
Water temperature
19 – 20°C
8 – 12 meters.

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