Diving Conditions| 4-10 July 2004

Again this week was filled with Grey Nurse Shark sightings, including a very skinny male. They are just hanging in the trenches at the Cod Hole end of Julian Rocks. Beautiful!

Plenty of locals at the rock such as Brown Sweetlips, Black-spot Goatfish, large schools of bullseyes, Common Lionfish, Wobbegong Sharks, turtles, Red Rockcods and Blue-lip Anemonefish. Also spotted was a Phyllidiidae ocellata, a very colourful and easily recognisable nudibranch (see photo on the left).

The start of the week was sunny. On Thursday some clouds moved in and Saturday we had some rain.
A Southerly swell came through on Saturday. Before that the bay was fairly flat.
Water temperature
19 – 20°C
10 – 12 meters.

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