Diving Conditions| 25 April-1 May 2004

The Leopard Sharks are still showing off at the moment and so do the Grey Nurse Sharks. Apparently, the Grey Nurse Shark season has started early this year. They have now been around for a few weeks consistently.

A lot of Black Cods in different sizes are seen at different sites. A school of Cownose Rays has been seen a couple of times. Monocle Bream, Flutemouth, Trumpetfish, the tiniest little seastar with 10 arms speeding over the sponges, Cray fish and some Flabellinas (a type of nudibranch).

Clouds arrived on Monday and it started to rain heavily for a few days. Strong northerly winds that changed on Wednesday into a strong northerly breeze. Saturday was sunny.
A bit choppy, some swell underwater. Currents later in the week.
Water temperature
22 -24 °C
Great visibility, around the 20 meters.

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