Diving Conditions| 2-7 May 2004

Some last Leopard Shark are still around. The Grey Nurse Sharks seem to feel at home and are seen on most days. Lots of Wobbegong sharks around looking very fat and contend. Hardly any of them are moving.

A few Giant Shovelnose Rays have been sighted. These normally elusive animals were very present in the last week, lying in the sandy gutters on the way to the Cod Hole and swimming off on approach.

The egg ribbons we found last year are also around. We found out that it probably is the egg ribbon of a species of moon snail (Naticidae).

Beautiful sunny weather with a few high clouds. Friday was overcast and Saturday it rained a bit. The nights were cool for this time of year.
Calm seas this week. Some surge on Friday.
Water temperature
21 – 22°C
10 – 15 meters, except for the dip down to 5 meters on Thursday.

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