Diving Conditions| 18-24 April 2004

Leopard Shark season is long from over it seems. Plenty of those beautiful, docile sharks hanging out.

Surprise! More Grey Nurse Sharks too.

Rapidly developing clownfish eggs can be found under several anemones. Little comma shapes can be seen wriggling inside their orange shelter.

Eagle rays were seen in ones or twos. Our turtles are still there to the delight of most divers and snorkellers. Large Queensland Grouper and a few pelagics.

A rare sight on the photo on the left: Tim at the other side of the lens.

How beautiful is autumn in Byron Bay? Stunning! Mainly cloudless skies and thus lots of sun. Cool, clear and starry nights. Slight Southerly breeze. Northerly wind on Saturday afternoon and evening.
The Bay was nice and calm. A bit more chop on Saturday afternoon. Some currents.
Water temperature
At the beginning of the week it was good with 15 – 20 meters and it only got better; up to 30 meters on Friday and Saturday.

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