Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 8-14 October 2006

Turtles, kingfish, Grey Nurse Sharks, Blue Gropers (Monty being particularly persistent with wanting to be filmed) Weather Most days were sunny and warm. Some rain at night. Strong Southerly winds. Sea Although the Bay was quite calm the strong Southerlies made it difficult at some stage to get the boats back on the beach. Water temperature 18- 20°C, some cool [...]

Diving Conditions | 1-7 October 2006

The turtles around Julian Rocks are just amazing and so friendly. Plenty of them around this week. Grey Nurses are still part of the furniture…book you diving in Byron Bay now! Weather Really great weather during the day. Whip out the shorts and sunnies. Nights were surprisingly cool. Sea Bit of swell. Water temperature 17 – 20°C Visibility 2 – 8 meters

Diving Conditions | 24-30 September 2006

There are normally a lot of wobbegongs around at Julian Rocks, but they seem to be even more abundant at the moment! Grey Nurse Sharks patrol these waters….. Weather Rains eased off and we had some more sunshine! Nights are still cool. Sea Flat and calm Water temperature 18 – 20°C Visibility 5 – 10 meters

Diving Conditions | 17-23 September 2006

Despite it being a little dark, the diving was still great! Plenty of things to look at, including the Grey Nurse Sharks. The large Loggerhead Turtle made a couple of appearances as well, Jewfish at the Cod Hole, Brown Sweetlips and Yellowtail Kingfish. Weather And we thought spring had started: quite a bit of rain this week. [...]

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