Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 5-11 November 2006

Large female Grey Nurse Sharks patrol these waters. Wobbegongs, turtles, Yellowtail Kingfish, big Snappers, Jewfish and some large stingrays. Humpback Whales are still coming past and some of them have a rest or a play in the bay area. Weather The week started sunny, but cool. Heavy rain on Thursday and wintery temperatures at night. Rain [...]

Diving Conditions| 29 October-4 November 2006

Grey Nurse Sharks are still out there, although not every diver go to see them. A large Loggerhead and several smaller turtles were around too, including a very small hawksbill Turtle, Jewfish, Yellowtail Kingfish and the Brown Sweetlips were all there at the Cod Hole. Nudibranchs and moray eels were spotted too (spotted as [...]

Diving Conditions | 22-28 October 2006

Divers came really close to a Humpback Whale, but they didn’t see it! Wobbegongs, a large Loggerhead Turtle, Blue Gropers following divers around. Weather Although we had a few sunny days the temperatures only got up to the lower twenties. Strong S/SW winds at the beginning of the week, settled and swang around to a northerly. Sea Even [...]

Diving Conditions | 15-21 October 2006

A lot of different nudibranchs this weeks, including some species that are not seen all that often. Turtles, dart, Jewfish and the Grey Nurse Sharks. Even though the Grey Nurse Shark season officially runs from May until the end of October the Grey Nurses are still plentiful around Julian Rocks (just like previous years by [...]

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