Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 10-16 September 2006

How fantastic is it that we are able to go for a dive and see the Grey Nurse Sharks here week after week? Humpback Whales start coming back and already you can hear some singing while you are on a dive. Weather The week started off with some rain and cooler weather, which hung around. Some sunny [...]

Diving Conditions | 3-9 September 2006

Grey Nurse Sharks sightings are pretty much guaranteed, as much as you can guarantee such a thing. Red Morwongs, piles of wobbegongs everywhere and the Blue Gropers accompanying dive groups. Weather Sunny spring weather with strong NW winds. Sea Biggish swell due to the strong winds, messy surf and some of the diving was cancelled. Water temperature 19 – 20°C Visibility Okay visibility [...]

Diving Conditions | 27 August-2 September 2006

More Grey Nurse Sharks…..no large groups, but most divers get to see them. Plenty of wobbegong sharks, an octopus was sighted, turtles and of course the friendly Blue Gropers. Weather A bit of a gloomy week with cloudy skies and some showers Sea Some waves, but pretty calm all week Water temperature 19 – 20°C Visibility 8 – 10 meters

Diving Conditions | 20-26 August 2006

There were still a lot of wobbegongs around Julian Rocks this week. People also got a chance to see the Grey Nurse Sharks. In the deeper end there was some interesting Snapper behaviour. Huge Yellowtail Kingfish and Jewfish at the Cod Hole together with Brown Sweetlips and bullseyes. Turtles, Blue Gropers, Bream, nudibranchs and different [...]

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