Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 31 December 2006-6 January 2007

No further Grey Nurse Sharks, but rumours of some early Leopard Sharks. Wobbegongs, octopus, neon damsels, bullseyes and snapper. Weather At first it was all sunny, but a change on Wednesday brough overcast skies and some rain. The rest of the week it was cloudy. Sea The E/NE winds and swell made the bay a little rough. [...]

Diving Conditions | 24-30 December 2006

Not many people got to see the last remaining Grey Nurse Shark. For this season that is! Hope they are all back next year. Lots of White-spotted Eaglerays, large Bullrays, Blue-spotted Stingrays, surgeonfish, leatherjackets, Blue Gropers, Neon Damsels, loads of turtles and nudibranchs. The anemonefish have started laying their eggs. Weather The first half of the [...]

Diving Conditions | 16-23 December 2006

What a great week for diving and snorkelling with amazing visibility. There was still a 2.5 meter male Grey Nurse Shark hanging out around the Cod Hole, but no other Grey Nurse Sharks have been seen. An enormous cod was hanging out at the Cod Hole. Apparently at some stage during the week it [...]

Diving Conditions | 10-16 December 2006

Two Red Rockcods fighting over their territory in the Nursery. Grey Nurse Sharks, only a few wobbegongs lying around this week, porcupinefish, nudibranchs and our friendly Blue Gropers amongst lots of other life. Weather Nice warm and sunny weather. High humidity, but most of the nights were really comfortably cool. Strong N winds on Friday, buth [...]

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