Diving Conditions | 16-23 December 2006

What a great week for diving and snorkelling with amazing visibility. There was still a 2.5 meter male Grey Nurse Shark hanging out around the Cod Hole, but no other Grey Nurse Sharks have been seen. An enormous cod was hanging out at the Cod Hole. Apparently at some stage during the week it swallowed a Blue Groper and it was seen with the tail still sticking out! Large Bullrays, lots of turtles, White-spotted Eaglerays, Brown Sweetlips, large Jewfish and Yellow-tail Kingfish, Neon Damsels, octopus in The Nursery, wobbegongs, lionfish, Red Rockcods and colourful nudibranchs!

Rain on Sunday, but it cleared up and the rest of the week was sunny. Nights were really nice and cool. Strong northerly winds on Saturday.
Smooth as a lake, just rougher when the norhterly came in on Saturday
Water temperature
22 – 24°C
20 – 30 meters

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