Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions| 28 March-3 April 2004

More Leopard Sharks! Keep them coming… A large school of Pearl Perch was seen at Julian Rock, a rare sight. See photo on the left. One group of divers found a large Loggerhead Turtle whose carapace was split at the back.Fortunately no damage to the rest of its body was evident. And it could have been [...]

Diving Conditions| 21-27 March 2004

Groups of 5 Leopard Sharks were present at the beginning of the week. They all seemed annoyed by the remoras stuck to them. One Leopard Shark was caught “blinking” at the camera. Large Eagle Rays were around, a numbray was spotted. Also a large Bull ray on Monday. Weather At the beginning of the week there were [...]

Diving Conditions| 14-20 March 2004

Leopard sharks seem to have finally arrived in Byron Bay. A bit late for these animals that we see normally all through summer. Wobbegongs, Leatherjackets, moray eels, Lionfish, and the friendliest Loggerhead Turtle Weather Sunny and warm. Some clouds and a bit of rain during the nights. Cool southerly breezes. Sea The Bay was calm all week. Water temperature 25°C Visibility 15 – [...]

Diving Conditions| 7-13 March 2004

Some more Leopard Sharks, only in small numbers. A lot of numb rays are swimming around at the moment. You’d better try to avoid them as they can deliver a significant electirc shock Different turtles, Eagle rays zooming past, playful Blue Groupers, Parrotfish and plenty of anemone fish as well. Weather Some clouds, but mainly sunny [...]

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