Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 6-12 February 2005

Leopard Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Leopard Sharks. Bored yet? Two large octopus were seen “mating”, or at least courting. Spectacular colour changes and arms everywhere! On the photo on the left you can see the male (dark) in the front and the female (light) in the back. Weather It started to get windy on Wednesday, followed by cloudy [...]

Diving Conditions | 30 January-5 February 2005

Plenty of Leopard Sharks. Most divers have seen a few of these beautiful animals. Monty, the Blue Groper with only one pectoral fin is still around and demands attention from each and every diver. Large Bullrays can still be seen, all three turtle species are around at the moment (Hawksbill, Green and Loggerhead) and, of course, [...]

Diving Conditions | 23-29 January 2005

Leopard Sharks are gearing up for the season. Large Loggerhead feeding, a few Shovelnose Rays were sighted. Blue-spotted Stingrays piling on top of each other in the Nursery and towards the Needles. Anemonefish have started laying their eggs and you can see the parents busily blowing and fanning them to make sure they get plenty [...]

Diving Conditions | 16-22 January 2005

A few Leopard Sharks are seen on most dives now. They must like the warm water. A Blue-ringed octopus was found at Hugo’s Trench. Hunting Kingfish (quite impressive if you are in the middle of it all), other rays and different species of turtles, White-spotted Eaglerays in small formations. Weather A bit of rain on Sunday and Monday, [...]

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