Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 1-7 May 2005

No more Leopard Shark, but there were some unconfirmed sightings of the first Grey Nurse Shark of the season. Turtles, Barred Soapfish, large schools of Yellowtail Kingfish. Weather Rainy weather and cool, also during the day. Only a little bit of sun. SW winds. Sea Calm Water temperature 25°C Visibility 10 – 12 meters most of the week. Below 10 on Wednesday.

Diving Conditions | 24-30 April 2005

Leopard Sharks, White-spotted Eaglerays and some more White-spotted Guitarfish took care of our spots this week. Also some large Yellowtail Kingfish hunting around Julian Rocks. Look at our video page for a short clip. Other life around included some large Golden Trevally, large schools of Big-eye Trevally, Tall-fin Batfish being cleaned, Somber Sweetlips at their usual [...]

Diving Conditions | 17-23 April 2005

Quite a few divers saw a White-spotted Guitarfish. This fish looks very much like the Shovelnose ray, but is larger and are darker in colour. A very shy creature. Other things included octopus and a Clown Triggerfish (juvenile). Both of them are seen regularly around Julian Rocks, but still worth a mention ! See photo on [...]

Diving Conditions | 10-16 April 2005

More Leopard Sharks: up to five individuals were seen on a single dive. Schools of Cownose Rays were seen on different days. A few Manta Rays showed up and a shy Shovelnoseray made an appearance too. Weather Days were generally sunny with a few clouds. Some heavy rain during the nights. Sea The Bay was pretty calm. Water temperature 26°C Visibility Another week [...]

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