Diving Conditions | 17-23 April 2005

Quite a few divers saw a White-spotted Guitarfish. This fish looks very much like the Shovelnose ray, but is larger and are darker in colour. A very shy creature. Other things included octopus and a Clown Triggerfish (juvenile). Both of them are seen regularly around Julian Rocks, but still worth a mention ! See photo on the left for a close-up of Monty, the Blue Groper with one pectoral fin missing. He is doing great

Sunny on Sunday till Tuesday, but some heavy rain and strong S/SE winds moved in on Wednesday. The rest of the week the sky was cloudy and cool winds from the South.
Swell from the South resulted in rough surface conditions and some surge.
Water temperature
We had 15 -20 meters to begin with, that dropped to 10 – 12 meters later on.

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