Diving Conditions | 24-30 April 2005

Leopard Sharks, White-spotted Eaglerays and some more White-spotted Guitarfish took care of our spots this week. Also some large Yellowtail Kingfish hunting around Julian Rocks. Look at our video page for a short clip. Other life around included some large Golden Trevally, large schools of Big-eye Trevally, Tall-fin Batfish being cleaned, Somber Sweetlips at their usual spot near the Cod Hole and wobbegongs just about everywhere.

Bit of rain, bit of sun. Cool mornings. Mainly cool S/SE winds. During the day temperatures reached 26°C.
Still a bit of surge, especially at the beginning of the week. The amount of sand in the Bay made it very difficult if not impossible to launch the boats at low tide.
Water temperature
15 – 20 meters, which dropped a bit by Friday: 10 – 12 meters.

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