Diving Conditions

Diving Conditions | 8-14 January 2006

Leopards Sharks were seen a few times this week. So far only females. How exciting! The Blue-spotted stingrays are still very active, plenty of wobbegong sharks, Blue Gropers, some impressively large Bull Rays, Jewfish, Black Cod, Malabar Cods, Loggerhead and Green Turtles, lionfish, a pile of Blindsharks, nudibranchs all over and crayfish in nooks and [...]

Diving Conditions | 1 – 7 January 2006

Did I say the Grey Nurse Sharks had left us? This week a small one (1.5 meters) was spotted in the Nursery. Look at the photo on the left to see a photo of a Wobbegong Shark eating a moray eel. It wasn’t quite sure how to go about it though! Cod, Jewfish, butterflyfish, neon damsels, [...]

Diving Conditions | 25-31 December 2005

The Grey Nurse Sharks have left us and we’ll have to wait a few months for their return. No further Leopard Shark sightings. Plenty of ray action with large Bullrays making appearances and the Blue-spotted Stingrays moving in. A Giant Shovelnose ray or Guitarfish was zooming around. Some rumours of a couple of Manta Rays [...]

Diving Conditions | 18-24 December 2005

Tuesday was the top day with great conditions and the sighting of the very first Leopard Shark. On the same day there was also an almost completely black Manta Ray sighted at Julian Rocks. Another Manta Ray came past on Friday (normal colouring). Grey Nurse Sharks at Hugo’s Trench. They’ll be leaving soon as the [...]

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