Diving Conditions | 25-31 December 2005

The Grey Nurse Sharks have left us and we’ll have to wait a few months for their return. No further Leopard Shark sightings. Plenty of ray action with large Bullrays making appearances and the Blue-spotted Stingrays moving in. A Giant Shovelnose ray or Guitarfish was zooming around. Some rumours of a couple of Manta Rays as well. Four little Harlequin Ghost Pipefish were spotted hiding in a Black Coral tree. Of course there were the wobbegongs, Blue Gropers, Goatfish, Kingfish, Jewfish, Red Morwongs and heaps of different nudibranchs.

A hottie of a week with high humidity. Some rumbling one afternoon and one shower at night. Nights were summery, but fairly cool. Southerly winds turned northerly on Wednesday.
A bit choppy from Wednesday on when the winds swung around.
Water temperature
Some thermoclines: 21 – 24 °C
Patchy, like the water temperature: 8 – 15 meters

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