Diving Conditions | 8-14 January 2006

Leopards Sharks were seen a few times this week. So far only females. How exciting!

The Blue-spotted stingrays are still very active, plenty of wobbegong sharks, Blue Gropers, some impressively large Bull Rays, Jewfish, Black Cod, Malabar Cods, Loggerhead and Green Turtles, lionfish, a pile of Blindsharks, nudibranchs all over and crayfish in nooks and crannies.

Some serious showers in Byron this week, mainly late afternoon and evening.On Sunday a strong S/SE (45 kt gusts!) was blowing. Turned N from Wednesday. Weather cleared on Friday. High humidity all week.
Very rough when the northerly came through. Some diving cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday
Water temperature
The water was a nice and warm (25°C ) at first, but thermoclines made it a bit more interesting: 20 – 25°C, depending on where you went
More than 20 meters on Monday, but as the cooler waters moved through the visibility started to drop a bit. Down to 12 – 15 meters on Tuesday, 8 – 10 meters Thursday and 6 – 8 meters on Saturday.

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