Diving Conditions | 14-20 January 2007

Leopard Sharks took a litle break as the water temperatures dropped due to a cooler current coming past Julian Rocks. Still plenty of other thing to see: octopus, turtles including a large Loggerhead, wobbegings, friendly Blue Gropers, snapper, Jewfish, Brown Sweetlips and nudibranchs.

Feeling hot, hot, hot! The humidity was extremely high. Fortunately, most nights it was much cooler and we could get a decent sleep. Heavy rain and thunderstorms Thursday through the night. Some clouds on Saturday. Mainly southerly winds, but this changed on Friday with a strong N/NE breeze.
Nice, calm and flat. The N/NE winds made it a bit less calm, but nothing worth mentioning
Water temperature
22 – 23°C, somewhat cooler currents came through
The visibility varied quite a bit. The week started off with about 20 meters, dropped to 7 meters and came back up to ~10 meters in the Nursery and a little less around the Cod Hole end.

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