Diving Conditions | 18-24 June 2006

The wobbegongs have taken over at Julian Rocks. Some of the females look definitely pregnant and they seem to be a bit on edge. Not too many Grey Nurse Shark were seen, but that had mostl ikely something to do with the fact that the trenches could not be visited all that much due to the conditions.

Plenty of whale action on the surface too. Whales can be seen breaching and spy-hopping from the light house or close-up with on of the whale watching boats.

Monday and Sunday were still sunny, but heavy rain moved in on Tuesday. With the N/NE winds the evenings were not as cool
The Bay got a bit rough and some diving was cancelled. Big swell on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Some currents on Saturday morning.
Water temperature
19 – 20°C
Until Wednesday 15 meters, dropped down to 10 meters by the end of the week.

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