Diving Conditions | 19-25 March 2006

Despite the somewhat rougher conditions there was still plenty to see: a few Leopard Sharks, Blue Gropers, Jewfish, Old Wifes, different species of rays, Stripeys, goatfish, Red Morwongs, bullseyes, pomfreds, neondamsels, pufferfish, trumpetfish, moray eels, anemonefish, lionfish and those cheeky Scalyfins protecting their algae patch (I wasn’t going to eat them.Honest!). Not many turtles this week.

A lot of rainy days this week, with strong E/SE winds. Nights have started to become a bit cooler.
Bit rough all week. A large southerly swell came in and on Saturday some of the diving was cancelled.
Water temperature
25 °C
Around the 8 – 10 meters most of the week.

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