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Diving Conditions | 22-28 January 2006

There were so many Blue-spotted Stingrays around. Either swimming or burried in the sand with just their eyes poking out. The Leopard Sharks were there as well with up to 9 indiviudals seen on a single dive. They did not seem to be bothered by divers at all and circled around and around with remoras [...]

Diving Conditions | 15-21 January 2006

Elasmobranch galore with beautiful White-spotted Eaglerays, the large Bullrays, hundreds of Blue-spotted Stingrays burried in the sand or swimming and of course plenty of Leopard Sharks (mainly big girls, up to 6 on a single dive). Also: Brown Sweetlips, Black-spot Goatfish, schools and schools of Bullseyes, Tall-fin Batfish, a large Loggerhead Turtle eating seaurchins and [...]

Diving Conditions | 8-14 January 2006

Leopards Sharks were seen a few times this week. So far only females. How exciting! The Blue-spotted stingrays are still very active, plenty of wobbegong sharks, Blue Gropers, some impressively large Bull Rays, Jewfish, Black Cod, Malabar Cods, Loggerhead and Green Turtles, lionfish, a pile of Blindsharks, nudibranchs all over and crayfish in nooks and [...]

Diving Conditions | 1 – 7 January 2006

Did I say the Grey Nurse Sharks had left us? This week a small one (1.5 meters) was spotted in the Nursery. Look at the photo on the left to see a photo of a Wobbegong Shark eating a moray eel. It wasn’t quite sure how to go about it though! Cod, Jewfish, butterflyfish, neon damsels, [...]

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